The Lux Holy Empire

The Lux Holy Empire was founded with the ideals of law, order, piety, service and to bring glory to their Pantheon of gods. The nations founding figure Patriarch Balthier was able to unite the waring clans of West Corsair under one flag by merging the many tribal faiths into one encompassing religion, thousands of years ago.

Lux’s climate is mostly temperate and features thick forests and rolling plains, as well as a vast desert to the south. The northern areas near the Dragon Spine Divide are an sub arctic landscape dominated by tundra and permafrost.

Grand Temple is the hub of religion in Lux as well as it’s capital. There resides Grand Arbiter Almeus, the mouth piece to the Lux pantheon and executer of their divine will. the Grand Arbiter is therefor the defacto leader of Lux. The nation is a total theocracy and the highest honor one can achieve is to enter into eternal service of the gods and religion plays a major role in every citizens life.

Nearly every citizen in Lux has a lineage god or may choose to enter into the service of another god favoring their trade. Each citizen worships one particular god from the accepted pantheon. They believe their individual prayers combined brings glory to the pantheon and they are blessed for their combined devotion.

Non religious people are viewed with contempt and are subject to scorn though they are normally tolerated. Those who openly worship gods who are outside the pantheon are labeled as heretics and are hunted down and dispatched. Heretics are thought to be actively subverting the pantheon by giving strength the their rival gods, thus weakening Lux. The Order Dawn are a group of Paladins, Clerics, and other fighters tasked with wiping out heretics in the major cities of Lux.

Far from the large bustling cities of the coast, the heartland of Lux is a rich fertile land ripe for agriculture. Simple folk eek out a life on farms and in small villages. Vast wooded areas are home to Elves who historically concern themselves little with rest of the empire and guard their ancestral homes with powerful magicks designed to confuse any would be unwelcome guests. Few leave these homes but those who do are an oddity and common folk view them with slight suspicion. Halflings and Gnomes are uncommon in Lux but can be found sporadically. Tieflings, Half orcs and Dragonborn are considered abominations and are killed on sight.

The Lux Holy Empire

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